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June 4, 2010


Wiegand Neglia Corporation (WNC) has worked closely with John Barbour of Creative Stone and Tile for nearly 10 years. Based on our experience with Creative Stone and Tile, we do not hesitate to give them our highest recommendation for tile, stone, and slab installation.

Creative Stone and Tile will staff your job with skilled craftsmen who will complete the work on time with exceptional quality. They have a solid sense for design and will work hard to produce a finish that the owners will be proud of.

In Summary, Creative Stone and Tile performs the highest quality work at a great


Please do not hesitate to call us if you would like a more detailed referral when considering Creative Stone and Tile for your team.



Bruce Wiegand President


Tel: (760) 635-9073

FAX: (760) 835-9074





June 10, 2010


My name is Robert Castellana. As a general contractor, construction manager, or consultant I have been building custom homes for 20 years.

My job, bringing an idea from an owner/architect to life is taken very seriously.

John Barbour's team has an uncanny ability to make his work with stone and tile blend or standout depending on the concept. The quality and speed with which he performs his work is unparalleled. I have used John for 12 years and would use no other in his business.

John has always been there for me before during and long after completion of any work contracted to him. His professionalism goes beyond anything expected.


Robert Castellana


Castellana Construction

Tel: (760) 815-7256




10 June, 2010


We have relied on John Barbour's Creative Stone and Tile crews for top quality tile installations and slab stone counter tops for over 10 years, and look forward to his help through the next 10. We appreciate having been spoiled over the years with clear communications, smooth operations and instant follow-up. John is organized and efficient, consistently providing the quality, time and cost effective solution every builder needs.


Craig Lewis General Contractor

Willowen Builders

Artisian Discount Cabinets

Horizon Land Company


Tel: (619) 890-1600

FAX: (858) 756-1573

Creative Stone & Tile Inc

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